Key card and key fob systems are a form of electronic access control used to manage access in and out of buildings.

They are the locking hardware, door reader, door controller, sensors, software, professional installation, maintenance, and repair.

Learn more. Also, due to an inability to remotely manage your dashboard, the security risks for your business may be higher.

Facilities teams use this seamless technology to programme keyless door locks and cards to manage permissions in, out and around their buildings.

Making key fob entry systems the premier choice to keep your business secure.

. . OpenKey is the leading provider of Digital Key solutions that allow your guests to unlock rooms with their mobile devices, saving them time — and saving you money.

Use this guide to understand access card formats, their pros and cons, and evaluate your key card system needs.

Restricting Access to Areas of Your Site or Business. July 18, 2022. May 2, 2023 · Let’s explore the three main types: active, passive, and semi-passive.

The keycard can be turned into an ID badge that can be used for visual identification as. .

This cluster controller is a great key fob system for a business as it is designed to scale with a growing workplace.


The average starting cost for an access control security system is around £500 to. Track In and Out for 1 Door Security Entry System with 2 RFID Keypad Reader+600lbs Electronic Magnetic Lock+Metal Exit Button+Power Supply Box+FRID Cards/Key fobs TCP/IP (Phone APP remotely Open Door) 31.

Hello, I am Saurabh Bajaj, CEO of Swiftlane, an access control company in the US. In this article, you will get a complete overview of key card entry systems, and key card formats.

Commercial magnetic door lock systems use a low-voltage power source to keep the door locked.
They ensure the safety of everyone on.
Tenants hold their card or fob up to a reader to enter a room or building.


Advantages include increased flexibility, increased security options,.

. . With our advanced key fob systems, you can experience a new level of convenience and security.

A wide range of door entry control equipment is available from the basic numerical keypad or remote audio and video intercom to the now more advanced keyless access control such as fingerprint readers. Track In and Out for 1 Door Security Entry System with 2 RFID Keypad Reader+600lbs Electronic Magnetic Lock. . Smartphone – some keyless entry systems give you the option of using an application on your smartphone to either open or close the door. With commercial key fob entry systems, access to rooms is done on a computer and mechanical keys are irrelevant. .


May 18, 2023 · Smart Lock, hornbill Fingerprint Deadbolt Lock with Touchscreen Keypad, Keyless Entry Front Door Lock, Bluetooth Electronic Digital Lock with App Control, Auto Lock, Keys, IC Cards and Code for Homes. .

The top commercial keyless entry systems also grant business owners and managers more control and security over their facilities.


In a commercial key fob door lock system, for example, the key fob sends a signal to the locking mechanism, which, when authorized, triggers the door to unlock.

Biometric door locks: Commercial biometric readers will usually cost upwards of $2,000 per door, making them a more expensive office door lock system.

A key fob is a small electronic security device your employees or residents can carry inconspicuously on a key chain to securely access your commercial office or apartment building.